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May 9, 2011


there are two kinds of mission trip souvenirs:  wood carvings (bowls, animals, wall hangings) and weapons (bows and arrows, swords, machetes, knives). letter openers belong in both categories (oh, and no one actually uses them anymore). | image courtesy of rakuten Advertisements


May 6, 2011


there are two kinds of keys:  those you need when you’re not in a hurry and those that are lost. unless you count the ones that are impossibly difficult to fit into their keyholes — especially while being chased by bad guys.  but keys in thriller movies are like a whole ‘nother category. | image […]


May 4, 2011


there are two kinds of gloves:  those which are used for manual labor and hard work, and those which are employed in the playing of games and sports. the ones for driving don’t count, because that’s so old-fashioned; and i live in sub-saharan africa, so don’t mention cold-weather wear — it’s kind of a sore […]


April 29, 2011


there are two kinds of events which could be classified as epic:  those which are “heroic or grand in scale” and those which are commonplace and everyday, but referred to in the context of social media. getting a parking place close to the mall food court is not epic;  neither was the party you went […]


April 23, 2011


there are two kinds of motor vehicles in this world:  those that are paid for and those that are not. does anyone have an extra $3,300 folding money? | image courtesy of toyota of tanzania