Posted on May 18, 2011


there are two kinds of coffee:  mean and nasty.

as in “you make a mean cup of coffee!” and “that stuff is just nasty!”

[today’s post is brought to you by its author,* chrissy noelle, who blogs here.  she won last week’s contest with the above entry.  in addition to entering contests about coffee, chrissy enjoys getting tattoos, raising money for charities, and being the world’s greatest warrick dunn fan.

the runners-up in the contest, by the way, were holly (with whom i absolutely did not agree, but whose comment i did find funny) and tisha (with whom i most agree AND whose comment i found funny).]

| image courtesy of scott’s coffee house
* chrissy authored this “2kinds,” but i didn’t quote her word for word — meaning i didn’t include the smiley face and the sad face.  i’m just not into that.
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