June 13, 2011
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May 10, 2011


there are two kinds of contests: those in which the winner actually receives a prize and those which are created solely for fun. but on this blog, there exists only the second type.  i’ll be announcing the first of these contests tomorrow. | image courtesy of mi9 wallpapers Advertisements

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May 9, 2011


there are two kinds of mission trip souvenirs:  wood carvings (bowls, animals, wall hangings) and weapons (bows and arrows, swords, machetes, knives). letter openers belong in both categories (oh, and no one actually uses them anymore). | image courtesy of rakuten

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May 8, 2011


there are two kinds of people in the world: talented mothers and everyone else. good moms certainly deserve a group of their own.  kind of like an elite sorority… only it’s hard work and not popularity that gets them in; and they don’t always wear pink and giggle and cheer every time they meet. | image courtesy […]

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